Heavy Hands split

by Badlands

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Topon at Apartment 2 Recording


released May 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Badlands Ottawa, Ontario

Evan Leblanc
Corbin Dowd
Chris Campbell
Steve Nadeau
Joey Howell and/orAndrew Leblanc

Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Track Name: Cracked Hands
Wretched picture
Skewed in two
A broken man
No thanks to you
A crooked smile
And cracked hands
A chance at life
A second chance to mend

No strength to carry on
I'll admit my wrongs
I'll admit my faults
As long as it makes you happy in the end

A twisted mind
You stole everything
A twisted mind
I've given all there is to give
A twisted mind
A second chance to mend
Some twisted minds never mend.
Track Name: Vicious Cycle
I am the bastard's son
The look in your eye, and I know I haven't won
This is not the way things work
You're holding on just to cut the rope
Every time I open my eyes
You were there holding me back
This is not the way things work
This is not a fucking joke (kick it)
Days are fading to a cold grey
We're not supposed to feel this way
Dig up your demons cut their throats
Drag them back down and shut them out

Seems your changing everyday
This is not the way things work
Seems your changing everyday
But broken hearts stay the same
My fascination grows so strong
Apathetic towards these wrongs everyday
This vicious cycle tears me apart
Feels like everyday I'm thrown to the dogs
I'll end this cycle. I'll break this chain.
Track Name: Dusk
Depths provide an uncertain home
The darkest of days have yet to come
Looming circles underneath your eyes
Are a sure sign of a failed attempt to fly
Away from a home, brought up so sweet
But don't forget your mother's promise to keep
Dark days are adding up
The dusk scares you so you keep your blinds shut

Sick of these accusations
So tired of the humiliation
Holding heads of my demons in front of me
This side of me that no one will ever see

Shut myself out hope for the truth
Dark skies are coming and you already knew
Smash out the wicked ones
A silhouette of a decaying sun
Eye to eye we don't see the same way
A promise kept will surely fade
There's only so much that I can take
Keep pushing me, I'm going to break

Keep your blinds shut.